Unveiling the Mask-The Thrive Wellbeing Center


What is the one thing you need for you to succeed in life? A clear line of thought is all that defines success. Many people fail in life because they cannot find a balance between what is and is not worth their time. The good news, however, is that the Thrive Wellbeing Centre steps in to bridge this gap.

The Thrive Wellbeing Centre, despite having begun its operations in 2018, has made significant strides towards helping communities thrive. The corporation currently headquartered in Dubai has since day one used its close to ten employees to empower individuals, families, and corporate.

But how is that possible? The Thrive Wellbeing Center maintains its focus on helping clients accomplish their goals. It does so by using its team of excellent professionals to help you heal where there is the need for healing and thrive since that is the joy of life.

Sadly, teamwork is never enough. The company invests a lot in research which is why many people have recorded a significant improvement in the recent past. More importantly, the Thrive Wellbeing Center uses tried and tested approaches, techniques known to bear more fruit in as far as treatment gets concerned.

So, what has made the Thrive Wellbeing Centre in Dubai so successful? One is the leadership. Believe me; no institution can grow and expand when its management structure is subject to debate. The team at Thrive is lucky to have Dr. Sarah Rasmi as its managing director as it is through her that the institution has been able to help society improve. Also on Sarah’s team is Malak Kamel, a psychotherapist dealing with the child, youth, and family therapy.

That is not all. The Thrive Wellbeing Center has since its inception specialized in family support, corporate training, depression and anxiety therapy, psychology, parenting support, and adolescent psychotherapy among others. In short, the Thrive Wellbeing Center  is a one-stop shop for all your personal needs.

As you might recall, the company goes out of its way to do what is best for the community. For example, The Thrive Wellbeing Center works with parents and helps them address challenges experienced at home. It is by doing so that parents can now raise kids that are happy and well-behaved.

In summation, the Thrive Wellbeing Center is an institution that has in its few months of existence made a mark in Dubai. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before the corporation scales up and impacts the world positively.


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